Friday, March 14, 2014

The Evolution of Bourbon

Let's Go Back In Time...

History is so important because the only way we can understand who we are and how we became that way is from studying the past. We all have an identity, and individual identity is consisted of collective memory whether it be a significant building, an important date, a family background.  The VanLandingham Estate has the priviledge to host a wonderful event basing around 'The Evolution of Bourbon'. Like all things, Bourbon has a story. Bourbon's story is very unique and can actually parallel specifically to American history. 
                   Nobody really knows for certain who first got the amazing idea to make whiskey out of Kentucky water and corn; however, it dates back to the late 1700s. There are many stories and legends that make claims on who was the first to actually discover Bourbon. Aging whiskey could very likely have been an accident all together!  Farmers harvested their corn in the late summer months and made whiskey in autumn. They would use horses as transportation, and would strap the barrels on them to travel to different counties.
                  In 1791, the US government approved one of its first tax increases on all distilled spirits, in an attempt to make up costs from the Revolutionary War. This made all farmers very angry! President Washington offered the angry farmers a settlement and incentives to move to western Virginia. After Governor Thomas Jefferson allowed 60 acres to be used for corn growers, many farmers joined forces and shared land. 
           Come to our beautiful estate and learn more about the Evolution of Bourbon and how pairing food items can make your bourbon drinking experience that much better!
Here is our menu for our Evolution of Bourbon Event:,,,,,